101 Ways To Kill Boredom During Covid

No matter your feelings on Covid its been a rough time for everyone. The most important thing in my mind during times of turmoil and stress is doing things you love and living in the moment as much as possible, and adventure allows, neigh somewhat forces you to live in the moment when you see and experience new things.

If you have been strapped for ideas on how to spend your time then this quick list is for you, from the obvious to the somewhat strange. Enjoy!

  1. Take a bike ride
  2. Call an old friend
  3. Reach out to old mentors and rebuild your network
  4. Get rid of clutter in your house
  5. Call your grandma
  6. Do a 10 Minute calisthenics workout
  7. Learn about string theory
  8. Watch an MIT lecture
  9. Get in your car and drive a chosen direction with no plan
  10. Go camp in the woods
  11. Go fishing
  12. Go to a random city and take a walk
  13. Go Hike
  14. Learn how to make your favorite fast food meal
  15. Learn to make beer
  16. Start a silly business online
  17. Start crafting
  18. Learn how to refinish the wood furniture in your house or apartment
  19. Learn about birds and go bird watching
  20. Learn how to identify trees and go outside and do so
  21. Do the same with plants
  22. Go for a swim in a stream
  23. Go kayaking
  24. Volunteer
  25. Read through the classics
  26. Write a letter to an inmate maybe Joe Exotic?
  27. Build a simple chair
  28. Wave a sign over a freeway overpass that says something encouraging
  29. Learn how to play a few songs on an instrument you’ve always liked
  30. Start an Instagram for your hobbies
  31. Pan for gold from home!
  32. Plant a Garden
  33. Learn how to make a website with WordPress
  34. Write a blog about something you know and love
  35. Start a podcast
  36. Rent a fast car and drive somewhere new
  37. Make a budget and see where your money actually goes
  38. Watch a black and white movie
  39. Make a blanket fort and have a movie night
  40. Camp in your back yard
  41. Get together an emergency bag
  42. Movie marathon of a bad actor like Gary Busey
  43. Prank someone
  44. Make up a stupid handshake with your best friend or significant other
  45. Try Yoga to get more flexible
  46. Go find some great spots to take pictures
  47. Car camp
  48. Get all your old pictures into a digital format
  49. Research your family history
  50. Learn about your state or home towns history
  51. Collect rocks in the woods and tumble them
  52. Write someone a handwritten note and mail it
  53. Go to your favorite spot as a kid and hangout
  54. Write a short story of your favorite memory
  55. Paint a picture
  56. Make your own custom mixed drink and name it
  57. Rearrange the furniture in your house or apartment
  58. sell things you aren’t using on craigslist, offer up or Facebook marketplace
  59. Write a cool rap using your name should you ever get challenged to a rap battle
  60. Make a political poster that makes no sense I.E. Jeb bush collects butterflies
  61. Record your grandparents or oldest living relatives life story over the phone or in person if possible
  62. Make a list of your 5 year goals and be specific
  63. Go forage for berries or mushrooms if they are in season
  64. Poke fun at one of your friends using old timey English. May I recommend words like limey or old boy.
  65. Update your resume
  66. Make a weird piece of art out of household items and name it
  67. See how many pushups you can do in a row and try to beat it by one each day
  68. Take an online course
  69. Start to learn a new language
  70. Work on your signature and try it a new way
  71. Practice doing things with the hand that isn’t dominate
  72. Do some solo sports like skateboarding
  73. Shoot some hoops
  74. Go on a midnight walk
  75. Drive through your old neighborhood and see how it’s changed
  76. Go to your old high school and scratch your name in something
  77. Go for a drive and wave and smile at everyone to spread some cheer
  78. Prank call an ex
  79. Make up a word for something that doesn’t already have one, combining words is fine! like Sweevil (Sweet and evil)
  80. Paint your face like Braveheart and recite the speech from the movie, you know the one
  81. Organize your garage or storage area
  82. Learn how to change your own oil
  83. Get a small pet like a goldfish
  84. Start a petition for something that doesn’t matter
  85. Build a jump for a bike or skateboard and see if you’ve still got it.
  86. Learn how to wheelie your bike
  87. See if you can meditate and do nothing with your eyes closed for 1 hour
  88. Take a bubble bath like you’re a kid again. Rubber ducky highly recommended
  89. Go to the store and treat yourself to a spa day at home
  90. Make a family tree
  91. Record or write down your life story
  92. Make a video to your family to make them feel better if anything were to happen to you
  93. Learn how to invest with Robinhood HERE
  94. Paint your cat or dog like a zebra (using non toxic pet safe paint of course) and pretend you are on a safari
  95. Learn a magic trick
  96. Learn how to shuffle cards a cool way
  97. Learn how to play a new card game
  98. Play an old board game like monopoly with your family
  99. Become a pro at the harmonica
  100. Go drive around a lake
  101. Yell really nice stuff out of your window at people preferably with a friend. I.e. “Have a great day!”. I know it sounds weird but it’s very entertaining once you get past the initial weirdness of it.


I hope this list helps you in some little way, even if it was just to laugh at the fact that someone like me spent time to make such a list.

No matter how you feel, take care, stay sane and have fun where you can!

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